81 Tsumo Dzinetsanangudzo Yechirungu

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81 Tsumo DzeChishona Dzinetsanangudzo Yechirungu

What used to be hard is now simple. People that used to be great are now simple
Those that advise you are on your side
When you know the bad traits of someone you will not be offended when they do bad things
A person will do whatever needs to be done to accomplish his goals

There are private issues that take place inside the house

The once great are now empoverished

 What is great now will be smaller than another

Everything comes to an end 

Take care of the young ones that they may take care of you in your old age

The consequences of bad behaviour are not immediate, but they will come

All things come to an end

You can get new experiences by moving to different locations

People take advice that pertains to their individual needs in group settings

One person cannot do all things alone

Extreme situations can cause people to behave in unusual or unexpected ways

When you get used to doing things you can even do them under difficult circumstances with ease.

 Poor quality is better than nothing

 People have the freedom to choose what they want

It’s the people close to someone that know his/her affairs

 What’s in the heart is hidden

The poor man’s victories do not last

You never get the full information and appreciation from being told

 There’s a reward in trying all things

 The older people should be dignified for them to be respected by the younger ones

Some things look attractive from afar or from outside but they are not so good inside

The innocent looking people are often the guilty

 Success comes by the help of others

Small issues can become large enough to cause big problems

 Favours go to those that have given them before

 You can only tell the tale when you have survived it

People will do anything to get what they desire

You don’t have to be at a place to know what happened

 All you know you were taught

It’s good to have numbers but they also demand more resources

The more (people) the merrier

When you over react to things you probably have something to hide)

If you rush through things you may end up doing them wrong and thus take even longer than if you had taken your time

The good can make the bad visible

You can’t always be satisfied by yesterday’s feats

Where there are many people no one takes responsibility and therefore many things can remain undone

People do embarrassing things in front of others in order to find help

Self inflicted anguish

People produce children with traits similar to them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

 For everything that happens, there is a reason

The poor man hardly makes huge success

You shouldn’t be mean to people close to you

Authority/royalty only works within its territory

 Some things cannot be done by one person alone, like conceiving a child

Big events are predicted by early signs

You can never use borrowed things with the freedom you would have if it was yours.

If you do not cry out for help no one will know and you may die in your distress

Great people are raised up by other people

A person has the strength to carry his desires/issues (as in pregnancy or dreams)

Be calm and take your time to do things

Nothing can be hidden forever

People who forsake warnings and advice often fall into calamity.

A burnt child dreads fire

 Wait for the full maturation of events instead of prematurely harvesting or celebrating.

Love is blind

One person cannot do all things alone.

Do not make fun of other people’s misfortunes because they may come upon you too

Hit the iron while it’s still hot.

Men help each other in times of trouble.

 You may reject people when all things are well but you will need them when things get hard.

You have gone to things ahead before completing the things behind

When things have happened they cannot be undone.

 One who was present participated.

 People who forsake warnings and advice often fall into calamity.

Things are not what they seem.

 Perfect people hardly find each other in marriage.

You never know what is rewarding unless you try.

Settle down with one woman, there are many beautiful women in the world.

 Some things cannot be dealt with by simplistic solutions.

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